Monday, August 19, 2013

All Africa Day of Service

This last Saturday the Church had an All Africa Day of Service and every Ward and Branch was to find a need in the community and do service. The Office Elders, they went to an open air market in their area and went to clean the market at 6:00 A.M. with their ward. They had a big turn out the Elders had to clean out the open sewage ditch. (the sewage ditch and lack of trash cans is a whole blog I am working up to- later)
Terry and I have been assigned to a Branch about 45 minutes north of Accra in a town  called Nswsam. We went to do a service project with them. We went to a government Hospital, the man had to bring machetes or as they call them here cutlasses. Terry has been itching to get one of those. He called Elder Nielson who bought one for him out in the Bush (all the men and boys out there have one). so Elder Nielson bought him a nice big one.

Elder Wall had so get the Elders up and going we were there very early.
The men had to hack at some grass and the ladies had to sweep the paths and the sidewalk, each ward had a separate building and there were paths and sidewalks. The waiting room was outside under a roof. I wanted to go and sweep that up, but there were several people sleeping on the benches ( maybe people that had family in the hospital (Ronald Mcdonald where is your house when we need it) There were also a bunch of /chickens under the benches, they started clucking at me when I started sweeping around them, I found another place to sweep. Meanwhile Terry was using his machete.  

Terry is moving that machete so fast you can't even see it.

This is a picture of about half of the people that came. The 4 men in the middle were some members of the Muslim Community that wanted to come and help. In Ghana they are very blessed because the members of the Muslim and the Christian Community get along and there seems to be no animosity between the two.
Some of the youth, they enjoyed being there and helping.

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