Friday, November 21, 2014

Ghana Friends

I wish I had pictures of all our the friends that we have made in Ghana. But I am the person who is so caught up in what is happening, I don't remember to take out my camera or when I want to take a picture of something, by the time I take my camera and get it ready we are already a mile down the road. This is a picture of Elder Latham with Terry  and they were talking so I had time to take a shot,
This is Sister Otoo, she came every Monday and Thursday morning and cleaned our office and even our back porch. 

This is Joseph Ahsume and he is such a hard working man, he is a guard at the other mission, but on his days off he fumigates the missionary apartments and cleans the poly-tanks. He has a wife and 3 children and the Elders Quorum  President. He is one of our favorite people in Ghana.

Below is our generator, when our electricity goes off this baby kicks in automatically 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Last month in Ghana

Our office Elders Morrison and Bay with Elders Iyip and Gudgeon going home to Nigeria and New Zealand .  To go to N.Z., Australia or the Islands in the S. Pacific, they have to fly first to Dubai, all night and then 15-17 hours to get home. Then our AP's Elders Hansen and Ikorro. This was the end of Oct. and we only had the 2 Elders going home at that time.

We went to a bead factory, they make beads out of recycled glass bottles they break the bottles by hand and then pound it to glass dust.
Put the glass dust into the little hole in the mold that this man is holding put a stem of a dried cassava plant in the middle (for the bead hole) and heat the mold in the little oven behind him. The stem will burn away and then they have the beads. Then they will paint each individual bead, the day we were there, there was just one painter. There was a festival and everyone had gone to that.
I wanted to take a picture of this cart, they are all over even in the middle of the traffic. They usually have one guy pushing and one guy pulling. They collect any usable or sell-able trash. Usually metal.

This is Ben and Pearl's new Baby Boy. He is so cute, they are deciding on if he will be called Eli or Garret. I will continue with more pictures on part 2.