Friday, November 21, 2014

Ghana Friends

I wish I had pictures of all our the friends that we have made in Ghana. But I am the person who is so caught up in what is happening, I don't remember to take out my camera or when I want to take a picture of something, by the time I take my camera and get it ready we are already a mile down the road. This is a picture of Elder Latham with Terry  and they were talking so I had time to take a shot,
This is Sister Otoo, she came every Monday and Thursday morning and cleaned our office and even our back porch. 

This is Joseph Ahsume and he is such a hard working man, he is a guard at the other mission, but on his days off he fumigates the missionary apartments and cleans the poly-tanks. He has a wife and 3 children and the Elders Quorum  President. He is one of our favorite people in Ghana.

Below is our generator, when our electricity goes off this baby kicks in automatically 

These are 2 of our favorite people from our Nsawam branch, the Brother in the orange and white tie make beautiful 3-D sand paintings and the other Brother Hogili (which means Wall) makes bellows.

Below we are with Richard Sackiny - he goes to the open markets and buys things that we have a hard time finding in store, like our bike lights, bigger bulbs, locally made mirrors. We went to his wedding last year and his wife is expecting any day. They manage a orphanage in Buduburam, it is owned by an some people in Idaho.

We love the missionaries, it has been so hard to say goodbye to them. I know that we will see some from the US again, but the African Elder, we have to wait for the other side. These Elders are going to be the Trainers for the new missionaries arriving on Tuesday.

One of my favorite missionaries, he reminds me of my 7 year old grandson, they look and smile alike, I hope Josh will be as good a missionary as Elder Esplin.

Friends are wonderful! One recent convert told us that he loved the Gospel so much, he wished to pick up the buildings and people and  move them into his compound and keep them. We can't (although many of our Ghanaian friends have told us they want to move to the US and live with us) but we can move them into our heart and always have them there.

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