Sunday, April 6, 2014

You Know Your Are in Ghana When....

When all around you and on the street there is a walking Wal-mart and people taking naps. You can get anything  from a bag of water to an i-pad cover ( where you can get the i-pad that is a different story). I wanted to show you this because this lady has Plantain chips. They are thinly sliced plantains that are fried in Palm Oil and salted. They are Terry's favorite, I really do not eat them too much as they do not agree with my stomach.
But we do both like the peanut candy lady, it tastes like really good peanut brittle. Those are the only two things we buy and eat off the street.

 When all the ladies wear beautiful bright dresses to church, many times with a matching head scarf they they wrap around their head. All the designs are so individual and unique, except many times friends or family have matching material. Beside the ladies is Shadrack, he is always hanging around with Terry or I

A couple of weeks ago, Shadrack told Terry and I that his Grandmother had died. We were shocked and worried for Shadrack, because his Grandmother is the one that he lives with. I told the Relief Society Pres. and was really worried about him. I was a little suspicious when later he told me that now he could come and live with us and go to the US with us. I did ask the missionary that knew where Shadrack lived. The missionary called a member that lived near Shadracks house and knew the Grandmother. The Grandmother was just fine, Shadrack had just made it up. We had a little talk to him about lying. He is happy this week, because our 2 oldest grandkids  sent him some gifts (shoes,tie and a book) that I wrapped up and gave to him.

This is the Nsawam Branch Primary, the Branch was just split and we now have a lot fewer children.
I can't rotate Terry's picture, but here he is putting up curtains for the Sisters , they just moved into an apartment that used to have Elders in it. The Elders  did not mind the no curtains windows.  We have lots of different jobs then just the office, on Friday we took a couple of young men that live in the area to the Tema MTC, they were both going on missions.

An almost healed bike accident. it looks like it hurt! But it least it is not Malaria!!!!

In January our Mission had the most reported incidents of Malaria in all of the West Africa Area. At our zone meeting the first week in Feb. we handed out Malaria test kits to all the missionaries, they were to call and then test and see if they had Malaria. We did not have one missionary have a positive test for the last 2 months. There were plenty of sick ones that thought they had Malaria,but they tested negative, but they all felt better up the next day, which they would not have done if it had been Malaria. Last week we saw a missionary that was so sick but had a negative Malaria test, but we found out that he had been invited to come to a wedding  the day before, where all the food is set out in the nice Hot sun for 3 or 4 hours. Terry fixed their water pump, and I got him a big bottle of Sprite. The next morning when I called he was having breakfast and feeling much better.

The best fresh pineapple and mango juice in the world!!!

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