Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I looked at the calender today and thought yikes we only have 3 months left. Already we are excited to see our family and sad to leave our mission and friends we have here, but most of all I am WORRIED ! I am worried because usually we are notified 3-4 months ahead of  time that couples that are coming to our mission and we do not have a replacement yet.  So I am putting out the word here and and letting you know about this great calling in the Ghana Accra West Mission.So all of you that are the right age and thinking of going on a mission this is for you!!!!

Reasons You would like to be the Office couple for the Ghana Accra West Mission!!!

1. You are Serving the Lord-helping the lives of the people you serve here on earth and beyond.
2. You get to know and help all these great young men and women, who sometimes act more wise and     mature then their age, and sometimes they don't, but they are fun to get know!
3. You will get to know and understand a culture and people you did not know before, and get
  to  know and love them, and know that the Lord loves all of his children.
4. You will be working and be very needed!!!! So the time flies.
5. You will be around about 20 other Senior missionaries that are in the Area Office which is about
   1-2 miles from the West Mission Office.
6. You are 1-2 miles from the Accra Temple
7. Even if you are not an expert at the job, people appreciate and are grateful for what you do.
8. We have been able to save money, because - our mission cost us what we figured it would and not more because we haven't had extra time to spend our money foolishly.
9.When we were called to Ghana, we were worried about our safety and we found out that we are probably safer here then we are in most places in the US.
10. There has not been any Ebola in this country and they are not letting any people in who are from the infected countries. If it does come will  probably evacuate us quickly.
11.You learn new skills all the time.
12 It is great to work together as a couple.
13. We have been very healthy not even a cold.
14. Our family at home has gotten several special blessings, that even they say was because, Mom and Dad are on a mission

13. They have such cute and happy children here they make you smile. A new baby being blessed in our Nsawam Branch.

14. You get to work with a very positive, happy Mission President.

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