Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Learning more about Ghana

This last week we went to the District Health to get the shots we needed. Yellow Fever, is very prevalent there, so we got that shot, also the meningitis virus, so we have to have that shot. And boosters for many other  things. The nurse spent quite a bit of time with us, telling us about, parisites, and other bugs. When we walked out with our arms all shot up, we were about to find out where we could find a Haz Mat suit to wear. Then we realized that she was just doing her job warning us about everything, not trying to scare us.
The next day, we talked to a friend that had been a mission president in another mission in Ghana.He and his wife shared their experiences of Ghana with us. It helped us be even more excited to go to Ghana. They told us how wonderful the people of Ghana were, and how much they loved them. The people have fully embraced the Christian teachings that were brought by the early European setttlers. They are very respectfull of  all people who are teaching about Christ, and when they meet the Mormon missionaries, they are polite and interested. They also told us that they were not sick at all for the three years they were there. We wanted them to call the district health nurse, and reassure her.

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