Monday, May 6, 2013

Leaving our Family

Last week we went to Tennessee to visit one of our sons and his family before we leave on our mission. When they drove us to the airport and we hugged and kissed them all good by and our son said see you in 19 months, reality hit us in our heads and heart. We are going to miss our children and grandchildren so much. We are also going to miss our own brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. We have one sweet sister-in-law, who because of health problems, cannot go on a mission who told us we have to serve our mission for them. Yesterday in church, a young mother with 6 lively children talked about her parents, that have just returned from their 5th mission. Even though they missed them she talked about how they had an added feeling of spirituality and blessings in their home while the Grandparents were on a mission. I know that when our children were on missions, we had that feeling in our home. So besides serving the Lord and serving the people of our mission in Accra, we pray that our loved ones will have an added spirituality and blessings in their home. And as our grandchildren grow up they will by example know how important it is to serve the Lord.

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