Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life at the MTC

It has been a whirlwind these last few days. On Sunday we spoke at Sacrament meeting. It was great to have so many of our family and friends there to support us. We then left early on Monday to drive down to Provo to check into the MTC. We have been on the drop off your missionary side many times, so it was very interesting to be there and see what is happening. They are so organized and help you so much as we got used to our surroundings. What we were mostly amazed at were just all the young missionaries. First they all looked like they were just 16 years old and Second, how eager they all seemed to be . Most of our instructors are in their early 20's and are returned missionaries. On Tuesday evening we had a devotional  and the Senior Missionaries were seated before they let all the rest in. When they opened the doors and let all the other missionaries in it was an awesome sight to see them all, and when we began singing the prelude music it was overwhelming.  We had Brother Nash speak to us on the Doctrine of Christ in Alma, it was great.

It is a little hard just to sit for most of the day, it gets just hard on your eyelids right after lunch, they just want to slide on down. It is interesting to find out where all the other Senior Missionaries are going. We have a couple in our district that are going to Italy and scanning all their record. If you will remember, the Italian Government, asked the Church to record all their records and have the name extraction done and the names organized by the Family History Dept. Terry is jelous that they get to wear polo shirts inside of white shirts and ties.

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  1. It's great to read your blog and know you are learning so much. We are proud of you and your example is a blessing to us. From my experience Ter, the spirit of the message still gets through, even if your eye lids are closed. Love you guys.