Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving Day

We are calling this post Moving Day, because we are moving into our new temporary Mission Home. It might be temporary for over a year, we went to the building that they are renovating and it looks like a big job. The builder said 2 months, but we are betting on a year, we will let you know.  I took this picture of a TroTro (yellow vehicle) loaded with about 16 people and all the stuff on top. We didn't have to move this way thank goodness. Our Mission President also arrived on Saturday, the Delta flight from New York was about 3 hours late, so they really had an extra long flight. Also our son Jared moved from Memphis to Utah this last 3 days, his car might of looked like that.

So tomorrow on July 1 we will have the official - Ghana Accra West Mission.  We have over 110 great missionaries and our new Mission President, and his wife are very enthusiastic and energetic people and they will be great to work with. Hope they think the same about us

This is Sister Hill coming with some of their luggage at the airport, she is taking our picture as we are taking hers. Even after that long flight with delays, they were so happy to be here.

One  of our grandsons asked us about the animals we have seen. No Lions Yet!! I took a picture of a baby elephant out side of the the Accra Mission Home. We also have seen several lizards (14 inches and it was red and yellow only needed green also to be an official Ghana colored lizard. We see several vultures sitting on the temple and area office building every day. There are these crazy birds that are trying to get birds that they see in the mirrors of parked cars. I don't know if they are in love with the image or they are trying to fight the image.

 I would love to bring one of these elephants home, too big for my suitcase.

Standing outside the Stake Center located in the Temple compound in Accra. Pictured is President Daniel Judd of the Accra Mission, President Aboi, one of the original pioneers of the Church in Ghana and myself.  During the "Freeze" in Ghana, when the Church was banned from the country, properties seized and buildings locked up by the government, this good man was arrested.  Because of brother Aboi and his brother's persistence the doors were again reopened to the preaching of the gospel in Ghana.  His story is written in a book called, "Walking in the Sand".  We understand that his brother brought the Book of Mormon from Germany to Ghana before the Church was established in Ghana and Western Africa .
Today as I sat in Sacrament I thought how young the leaders are and how wonderful the saints are, they are truly saints in the purest form word.  

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