Sunday, July 7, 2013

First week of the Ghana Accra West Mission

July 7th

We posted last week but it appears it was lost in the bush, Heidi even included a bunch of pictures.  So we will try it again.  We had great adventures with our New Mission President and wife, the Hills, they are a fun down to earth couple.  We had the blessing of participating in two zone conferences, a tri-zone conference in Kaneshie and a trip to the bush in Abomosu with one zone.  In each of the two conferences the Spirit was strong and the power of the Priesthood felt as we were taught by the Zone leaders, Assistants to the President, mission president and wife and the missionaries themselves.  They have awesome testimonies.  We started with about 100 missionaries and adding 10 more this Wednesday and 18 more in August. It is difficult to add new apartments for they are rented for two years and payment is in advance.  Then the process of improvements such as kitchen cabinets, beds, fridge, propane cook stove, and adding all the items to feed and house a missionary, including poly tanks for water, with a pump are moved in by our physical facilities person, Benjamin.  We are so grateful to him and our office elders, for keeping ahead of the changes would not be possible without them.  We feel like we are just one step ahead of the vultures that sit on the area office roof each morning.  I think they do not dare sit on the Temple, which is in the same complex. (In this complex we have the area offices for western Africa, the Temple, an ancillary for housing patrons to the temple, and a beautiful stake center. Today we enjoyed our meetings at the stake center on the Temple grounds and witnessed the random call of a new bishops counselor.  A young man who works for the State Department in Agriculture and has been here 2 weeks, looked shocked as he was called from the audience and sustained as the second counselor.  I learned later that he was asked to serve during the Sacrament meeting, his wife home with the runny tummy.  It reminded me of calls issued so long ago, when brethren would be called during conference to serve a mission, and leave immediately to serve. Such faith and devotion.  We contacted two individuals we have shared referrals with the elders.  Isaiah, who attended Sacrament meeting with his brother who is from out of town and came to see his family in Accra.  I did miss a chance yesterday for a referral of a police man.  We were stopped on the way to the zone conference on a road side check.  The police ask me for my license and we have been instructed not to give it to them, so I explained where we were going and we do not give our licenses, Heidi has the presence of mind to tell me to give him my international license, which satisfied him but he was still not happy.  I thought later that I missed the change to share the Restoration pamphlet with him invite him to church then share a 5 minute discussion on the road side, I must repent and see everyone dressed in white ready for baptism and the temple.  I should have thought of that as he was dressed in a white tunic and white pith helmet, Colonialism is still to be seen in Ghana.

This is a picture of zone conference of the Abomosu Zone - in the Bush- the Hills and the Zone leaders are standing in the back

The FM group was visiting again today doing their yard duty

Notice the house built in the bottom of the tree trunk last time we saw something like this we were in Redwoods National Forest in California

Someone did remove my last post that I put up last week?????????????? 

We did have a very busy week this last week the first week of our New Ghana Accra West Mission, we were up every morning at 5:30 and did not get back to our apartment until 8 or 9 in the evening, this next week might be the same.Part of it is we have a lot to do, part of it is that we are not as fast as we were when we were younger, part of it is we don't know what the heck we are doing and part of it is that we are stuck in traffic all of the time. We miss our family and our friends, but we are loving being part of helping to spread the gospel. We are not like the young missionaries, we can get emails, so write us and tell us how you are.


  1. Sounds like you are in good spirits! and very busy! What an interesting and challeging (Sp) Mission! Like the pictures and the interesting culture stuff. Hope you stay Healthy!! Prayers are with you! It's hot around here of course but everything is well!

  2. Always an interesting letter from you. Leaves me breathless. Yesterday I went to the Michigan reunion, in Alpine, at the home of Rick & Cheri Stapp. Lots of people, none that you know, except for Sue Saunders. It was great fun, especially to meet again, after many years, with Cathy Thompson. I was her BeeHive & Laurel teacher & we have a long & deep relationship. She lives in Eagle Mountain. Her parents are Dave & Lynette & they lived in Rochester. And I see on FB that Gean & Weldon Hill have been called to Brisbane, Australia. Pretty cool! We are fine - well Ray's been trying to throw a kidney stone for two weeks, but finally feeling better. I am down 31 lbs! Down 3" bust, 9" waist & 6 hips!! So you know I'm feeling way good, but have more to go. I am a docent with the DUP at the Pioneer Museum every Saturday 1 to 5pm (til Oct 1). This coming Thurs Sue & I are going to Brigham City Temple. I've doing my family - great great grands - grandmas, grandpas, aunts & uncles. You know how wonderful that feeling is. Love to you & always our prayers. Feetie

  3. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. My son is serving in this mission and it has been very difficult for him to get any pictures to us, and very difficult for us to not know much about where he is!! He is actually featured on your blog as one of the "bush" missionaries. Thanks for posting him and keep taking pictures!!
    Tammy Nelson, mom of Elder Zach Nelson, Kwabeng