Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Missionaries!!!

I just saw last weeks blog, looks like my pictures went a little crazy I didn't know they were like that when I posted the blog.

This week we has fourteen new missionaries arrive, ten Elders and four Sisters. Transfer day is always very crazy, busy and fun. It is fun to meet all the missionaries and hope we remember all the names and faces without looking at their name tags. For me I say, thank goodness for the name tags! (hey that last sentence sounds like Ghanaian English)  I am including this picture of a new Elder, he looks like my 7 year old grandson, or what Joshy might look like when he is 19.

The day before the arrival 3 missionaries left to go home, we are going to miss them a lot they are all three great missionaries. The Sister a cute girl from Kenya was the Sister Leader the whole time and she was always on top of every thing and kept all the sisters organized.

Terry with an Elder  they have their farmer hat on
Talk about funny hats our downstairs neighbor is wearing a Nigerian hat, he got it when he traveled to Nigeria. Both he and his wife are lawyers and they are both retired so they are on a mission as lawyers. With the complicated and different property law they have here we really need them a lot in our mission. They travel all of the west Africa area to do their work. He has lots of hats from all over the world.
Today we visited with Bright's father who is not a member of the Church.  Bright lives in a village about 5 miles from the Church in Nsawam.  He was was introduced to the Church by one of the young women in the branch.  He is a very intelligent young man, who as we traveled with he and some younger children to his home village, he instructed them on the gospel and having a believing heart. Bright is a convert of 8 months, and is a 21 year old school teacher who would like to serve a mission.  After his mission his goal is  to continue his schooling.  Although he may not go on a mission for 2 more years, he felt if we would visit and his father his dad could see he is attending a church that had older white people and his father would feel he was in good hands.  Sunday is the only day we could visit as Bright's father travels the remainder of the week selling automobile parts.  To reach his home on a rainy day we went mud bogging, so grateful for a 4 wheel drive truck. On our way back to Accra we took a wrong turn and ended up lost, but we are always up for an adventure. I asked Heidi how she liked pushing, as we finally found the main paved road, but to reach it we would have probably gotten stuck, we decided to back track.  Next week we expect to visit again with the missionaries and a returned missionary, from the branch, so his father can see what wonderful transformation takes place on a mission.  This experience brought back memories of our friends the Libby's of Doug Libby,  and his parents, Ed and Judy when Doug joined the Church.  What a difference Doug joining the church has made in all of our lives.  We have all been so richly blessed by the Libbys.  Should anyone wonder I can testify that Our Father in Heaven and His son's hands are deeply involved in each of our lives.  We feel we have been called to Western Africa to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of our brothers and sisters.  We hope that Brights' story will turn out as well, as Doug Libby.   

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  1. Terry and Heidi, Peter Webb, first counselor in our Rio Rancho, NM stake called me about your reference to our family in your blog. Amen. I resemble that comment. The Libby's have been richly blessed by the Walls. How is Bright? Doug Libby