Sunday, November 3, 2013

You know you are in Ghana when----

You see these giant ant hills at various places. This is at a gathering place, or park or soccer field in a town. I am surprised that the kids did not kick their soccer balls into it and knock it down. They do not have a lot of parks here, this was one of the few I have seen. Their soccer fields must be private, because the only place I have seen kids play soccer has been on dirt fields. I do see a lot of  soccer teams in uniforms on Saturday mornings, male only ( older teens and 20 some) running, training. Soccer or Football is the national sport here. Their national soccer team the Black Stars  is from Accra they have a big stadium and they might make it to the world cup if they beat Egypt.

It must be Ghana when little children want to run their fingers through Terry's white hair. We had Stake conference today, and this cute little girl who is in my class came up to us to say hi. Terry knelt down to say hi and she couldn't help herself she had to touch that funny hair and then run her fingers through it. If I would
have had a video camera and put it on You tube, it would have been a million hit video. It reminded me of when Jared was in 1st Grade his best friend was a little black boy, Jared was always rubbing Tyrone's head, because he liked the feel of his hair.

 Our Stake Conference was wonderful , the speakers were great and the choir was wonderful. From where I sat right next to them they could have rivaled the Tabernacle Choir. The chapel was full - full they even had local government and media as guests. They have an institute building, it was full and then they had an event tent about 30 feet by 300 feet and it was full. And it was so so hot, but when I got home and blogged the kids and they showed me all the snow falling- it did not feel so bad being in the hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know you are in Ghana when every one has a Poly tank out side their apartment. You never know when the city water is finished so it is nice to have a 800 gallon tank outside. We just got 2 new missionary apartments on Saturday, we are getting 14 new missionaries in 2 weeks. Their is very much a housing shortage here. So 2 good apartments - with Poly tanks or a place to put them is a very good thing.
  You know you are in Ghana when the palm trees are bigger than the ones in California. This is the housing unit we live in that is our back pouch on the 2nd floor. And when you see your first robin in November. And that Robin pales in comparison to all the other birds that are showing up this time of year.

Terry has been in the office this evening with the AP's so he is not going to write. Love You all, send us an e-mail if you like.

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