Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Time

I had better tell you about Christmas, before going on to the New Year. It is so strange to get reports from our children about the snow, cold , skiing and sledding that they have been enjoying ,or not, when we are so hot here. The larger stores are decorated and they even have some red and green decorations out. The stores are playing Christmas music, and I have to chuckle when I here "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" or other songs like that. Almost every night for about a week before Christmas to this time between Christmas and New Year. We have heard large outdoor parties going on in the neighborhood. They like to play the music really really loud and the parties are always outside.  This is picture of a couple of our missionaries that built their own Christmas tree out of branches that were being trimmed from a big evergreen, they did a pretty good job.

 Our mission had a fun Christmas Conference with 1/2 of missionaries one day and 1/2 the next day. We did a lot of singing, heard an inspiring message from President Hill, had a talent show, we had some good musicians and as you can see some of our Island and New Zealand Missionaries did the Hawkua  for us. They were very good. We also had a good lunch and gave all the missionaries some small small presents and a phone chip with 35-40 minutes on it so they can call home on Christmas.
On the 24th we did our last mail/cookie - run before Christmas. We went up to Oda and Asamankese, an Area about 3 hours drive time away. ( This is where the Nielson's were before they had to go home because of Sister Nielson's illness. They were never able to figure out what she had in Salt Lake Hospitals either. They are at their home and she is recovering.) We met another missionary couple from Abomosu, the Daltons ( 2 hours further  from where we were in Oda, and he picked up all the mail for the missionaries in the Abomosu area. We then drove on to Nsawam and delivered more mail and cookies. We had started out at 6:00 A.M. and got back about 5:30, just in time to go to a very nice Christmas Eve dinner with the 20 other couples that are here in the Area office and the other mission. It was at a very fancy Hotel and one of the best dinners we have had eating out.
On Christmas Day the Senior Couples took our a nice
Brunch to the MTC to share with the missionaries

that were still at the MTC over Christmas. We also played funny games and had a white elephant exchange with them. We went home at 3:00, just in time to Skype with our children and grandchildren and enjoy their Christmas with them.Thank goodness for Skype but we still missed a lot. Hope you had a great Christmas. Love, Terry and Heidi

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