Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome to the World Baby Adelyn

This is little Adelyn,(parents, Kristi and Justin) she arrived 2 days before 2013 ended. She is the 3rd Grandchild to be born since we have been in Africa. All three of them are far away, but we couldn't love them anymore then if we were there holding them, and believe me we wish we could be there holding them. Unfortunately we can't  be two paces at once. Today Eli is being blessed,(parents, Emili and Brian) in Logan. This morning we had a cute baby blessed in our Nsawam Branch, I must admit that a tear came to my eye when I thought about Eli's blessing in just a few hours time. I must admit I am being a little prideful when I say that all 14 of our Grandchild were born into wonderful families. Families that will love, teach and care for them. Terry is going to write the rest of our blog, thank you all for your Christmas wishes.

We are in the middle of a season called Harmaton, not sure how it is spelled.  It comes in the dry season, between November and February and is the time when the Sahara gives up its sand into the air and fills the sky, so you can not see the sun or any blue.  Everything inside and out gets covered in dust.   The truck we drive may be washed in the morning but by evening it has collected a significant amount of dust. It can be so severe that ones lips crack and the skin drys.  We understand that in other parts of Africa, it is much worse.

This week was a week of miracles.  One I witnessed was the protection of our Mission President Hill. The pleading to our Father in heaven for that protection which answered ended up being our physical facilities representative and his gentle demeanor.  Ben Botwe is a counselor the local bishopric, was due have his traditional wedding Saturday but because his future Father in law's aunt died the wedding was postponed. Ben works very hard to bless the kingdom and those he serves.  He has worked many Saturdays and sometimes on Sunday not taking a day off for weeks trying to help the missionaries have the needs of water, electricity, etc.  Things that many of us take for advantage, but are often difficult part of a missionary apartment here in West Africa.  His testimony and goodness are exemplified in his service.  This next Saturday is their White Wedding significant of a wedding in the Church.  He will be married in the Christensborg Stake Center, there must be a civil wedding, prior to a temple sealing, and in February they can go to the temple to be sealed.  I can witness that because of his goodness and all of our pleading President Hill received Father's protection.  We see miracles daily and and know God lives and loves us, as he does all of his children.          

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