Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bats and more Bats

Bats and more Bats

Whenever we drive down Independence Avenue , especially at dusk, there are just thousands of bats leaving these trees. They are very large, in the daytime, when they are hanging in the trees, it looks like each tree has hundreds of big pineapple size fruit hanging in it, yes it is a bat. They are fruit bats. I just hope they are not eating all of the mangoes. Mangoes have been out of season for about 3 months and they have just come back into season Yum!!

Our Internet service has not been good, our down stairs neighbors and friends left to go home, we miss them and their internet service. We are getting new family history missionaries that are coming next week, so here is hoping that my internet service will get better.

 This last week was the 10th anniversary of the Ghana Accra Temple, Our friend Ben who finds and takes care the missionary apartment and does lots of other things for our mission just got married this last week.
He met Pearl and she is a beautiful girl. This Wedding has been a very difficult process. At least once a week we would get an up date. First he is getting married much younger then the average Ghanaian. He is only about 24. Pearl she just finished her college and she has to do a year of service for the Government. They can get sent anywhere in the country to do that, luckily she got a company here in Accra. Then Ben had to do the knocking (ask for the Bride) and pay a Bride Price. After they got through with all of that they set the date and an Uncle died. You can't have a wedding unless everyone is buried and that process can take months. That was settled then they reserved the Church, and sent out the invitations and they got bumped because it was the 10th Anniversary of the Accra Temple Dedication. Pres. Hill  interceded for them. It was back on and the week before a great aunt died. You can see that this can get complicated!! Well to the chagrin of some family members they went ahead with it and first had the traditional Wedding last  Friday, then the Wedding and Reception at the Chapel (8 hours) on Saturday then the next Tuesday they got sealed in the Temple. These are a couple of pictures after the Temple.

They are a wonderful couple and are very excited, oh did I mention, Ben was also made 1st counselor in his ward Bishopric a couple of months ago while all this was going on, and he is still happy.

We had a very busy week, with going to all the weddings, Terry got a Ghanaian driver's license, a 3 day process, that produced a paper license.  I can go back in three months and pick up the plastic covered one.
We made a 8 1/2 hour trip to the bush with a record 6 police stops, all very pleasant and placing 3 copies of the Book of Mormon.  We decided we needed to take more cookies next time to share. Time is passing quickly, Mr. Potato from Shelly Idaho is our first AP and he has just gone to the bush to finish up his last 2 months of full time service. We love and miss him  in the office to brighten our days.    

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  1. Would you add your bat photo as a citizen-science observation to the AfriBats project on iNaturalist?:

    AfriBats will use your observations to better understand bat distributions and help protect bats in Africa.

    Please locate your picture on the map as precisely as possible to maximise the scientific value of your records.

    Many thanks!

    PS: these are straw-coloured fruit bats (Eidolon helvum)