Sunday, February 16, 2014

Goofy Missionaries

Sometimes our missionaries make us laugh, sometimes we are in awe of them and sometimes we just shake our head, sometimes I have to remind Terry just how mature we were or NOT at 19 and 20 years old. It is always lots of work and most of the time lots of fun. At the end of January we had Elder Bednar and Elder Clayton come and visit West Africa. We were able to have Elder Bednar and Susan talk just to the 350 missionaries of the Ghana Accra Mission and the Ghana Accra West Mission. We had our missionaries from the Bush come in and stay overnight and then we fed them breakfast. Then we were all sitting waiting for the 8:00 meeting at 7:30, even the Sisters who are usually 2 hours late for Zone conference were on time. About 15 minutes before it started we were beckoned to come out of our meeting, I thought oh no, something has happened to one of our missionaries. No, the Bednars wanted to greet us before the meeting because they had to catch a plane right after. It was fun to be remembered and given a hug by friends, from long ago even when you are far away in Africa.  Elder Bednar's instructions were wonderful, it was more a question and learning session for three hours. The missionaries were asked thought provoking questions and they answered questions and discussed answered more questions. Elder Bednar is really a master teacher and this forum of teaching, the teaching and learning model, which you would think would be impossible with 350 young people.. was wonderful, the 3 hours flew by.   

                                  This is a picture of  our whole mission - Ghana Accra West
We went to an Art Gallery last weekend and we just had to laugh at this picture. This is just the tip of the traffic problem add about 20 more cars to this space and you have Accra traffic. I told you I would not talk about the traffic anymore, but I lied. We have to be in it every day and just drives us crazy, especially Terry.
This week , Ben ( our facility man for our mission) was just stopped by a traffic jam and a big truck with a load of concrete blocks came and crashed into the back of some cars. The domino effect was 13 cars and Ben was car number five. His truck was only 2 months old (they cost about twice as much in US dollars here as at home because of taxes) His front and back need to be repaired 2 weeks to 3,4 months depending if they have to order parts.

We had to shift vehicles, so Ben could keep on fixing apartments. So we drove the van this weekend, at present Terry is the only one who knows how to drive a stick shift, hopefully a problem that will be solved this week. After church it started raining, an older couple asked as if we could drop them off  about 5 miles down the road we were going home on, we said OK, and suddenly while we were helping the missionaries all the seats filled up and we were a tro-tro, well can't drive that car to church again.(definitely against the rules)

I got some tomato seeds from my daughter and planted them. They are about 4 feet tall now and no little yellow flowers. Maybe they will be tomato trees. I hope so, good eating tomatoes are about 55 CD's per Kilo , that is about 14 dollars per pound!
This is one of our AP's he is doing some calling and had to type also, so he put his tie to good use!

                                          This is our other AP, he is just chilling out.

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