Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Teeth

Above is our newest group of missionaries (14)  They all look fresh and excited to be here!! We are excited to have them here. What is this, some new kind of super hero - wearing a bike helmet and swim googles? What should we call him?
 We are at a zone conference and Elder Wall is trying to make the subject of wearing a bike helmet every time you get on a bike sound exiting. That talk is followed by how to clean your apartment, especially your bathroom is even more exciting.
Of course Sister Wall gave an exciting talk about following up on referrals and filling out baptism records correctly.

We had a Stake Conference a couple of weeks ago, it was great. There were too many people to have it at the Tesano Stake Center, so we had it at the Christenborg Stake Center. There were lots of people there, our Stake is only 2 years old. We were reminded that 1/3 of all the units created in the church this last year were in West Africa. The conference had some media people invited and they even had the whole conference broadcast on TV.
These are our assistants to the President , one is from South Africa, and the other is from Kenya. They are both going home soon and we will miss them. They take Terry to some missionaries lessons, he likes to go last week, we went to a baptism of a gentleman he taught.

These are our Office Elders. Both of these tall young men are both from Australia. They crash the Aussie breakfast at the Embassy  and they have a Aussie flag hanging up in the van they drive. They do talk a little funny until you get used to words like "bloke" and "shelia". They help us and the President take care of those 140 Elders.

I have Terry sideways - does anyone know how to rotate a picture once it is on the blog. I cannot take it off and start over again, because it took me 4 hours to download 8 picture. Yes our internet is very slow. We are sad because we have not been able to Skype our children and grandchildren this week. Terry took 5 broken fans and made 3 good fans out of them. All the missionaries have to have a fan, it is so hot and they do not have air conditioning.When there is "lights out" then they do not even have a fan.

But Charles does have new teeth! He is very happy with them, the Doctor told him he could eat anything!

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