Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ghana Stories

On Tuesday Terry and I headed out at 6:00 A.M.  to Asamankese it takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there. The Elders apartment was pretty clean but this is NOT how you upkeep your water filter. 

They have clean filters, schedules of when they are to change them. Almost every Zone Conference, Terry has a little demo how to change filters and upkeep them. Do Not show this picture to Water Tech People.

We then drove to Kade, the Elders were happy to see us, they are about an hour further away, and not very many people come to see them, they were probably especially happy to see their mail. Terry fixed an important outlet to the water pump that was shorting out. Teach your boys to change electrical outlets, it will be important to know some time in their lives. We then drove on to Oda in a very heavy rainstorm. The Elders there were doing well, except for water, even the well that was dug is dry. We were glad to see the rain, that means the dry season is over and the rainy season is starting. This country needs a good rainy season.

In case you do not know what this building is for (they may not because this is only the 2nd public toilet that I have seen) here is a picture!!

These cute girls all dressed up, someone's ward in the U.S wanted to make pillowcase dresses for these girls, they all wear very nice dresses that are 2nd hand from the U.S. or Europe, but they are very very nice and some of very fancy. the older girls have their's made by a mother, aunt or "Taylor" . They told me they wanted white skin, I told them, that most people like Chocolate, better than Vanilla and they had lovely chocolate skin and I had plain old vanilla.

Here is cute  Michelle she used to be in the nursery now she is too old, but she still gives me hugs all the time.

This is funny event a couple told in our group therapy session ( Sunday night dinner with several missionary couples) They were just sitting in church starting to sing the opening hymn, when a van stopped outside the church and a group of 10 men jumped out , they all had on matching orange T-shirts. They came right into the chapel and started to lift and take the organ away. The T-shirts read - Gaa committee for noise Abatement.  We found out the Gaa's who are a tribe here, have a month that they think there should be silence . The Bishop paid them off and they left the Organ. I hope they are safe this week. We all had to laugh because, there are Muslim churches all over that yell over their loud speakers at least 5 times a day. And then at the makets, there is yelling or "singing" over microphones. And of course all the Pentecostals are playing drums, singing and clapping.    

Now if they had this guy in their congregation, I could see their point. -Shadrak with new sunglasses

This is the Branch President of the new Branch in Nsawam - Aduagyiri  sounds like atta-jury.
He told me last week how he became a member of the church. When he was 8 years old he and his parents were members of the Anglican church, his little sister who was 5 was going to the LDS church with some of their parents friends. When she came home, she told him, everyone got bread for the sacrament, he is a young man that likes his food and he decided that he would go with his sister to church so he would get some bread. So he started going, when he was a teenager, his Mom started going to church with them also, because her boy was such a good boy and was going to go on a Mission.Now many years later his Dad is joining the church. 

The rainy season is supposed to be the coolest time of the year?? Good time for a visit to Accra ! 

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