Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rainy Season

 June just flew by and here it is the end of the month and we have not posted one blog. This month the Rainy Season started and it seems to me that a lot of rain has fallen. Also some of the days are a little over-cast so it is not so hot.

See this little snail about 6- 7 inches long they like to come out in the Rainy Season. Brother Dalton would just cook him up and eat him. Our Grandchildren would charge me a lot more than 5 cents to remove him/her from my Garden. We just took and picture and let him keep going as he was headed to the neighbors.

 Rainy season is June, July and a little into August. We came this time last year and we did not have as much rain as this year. Maybe this coming year so many cities won't turn off their water and then we won't have to have the water trucks bring water to fill up the missionaries Poly Tanks and the wells we have won't dry up.
We love the rain because it cools things down a bit. One morning when we were taking our walk after a rainy night, it even felt like there was a cool breeze. Many of the Ghanaian people wear sweaters and coats, because they are so cold. It still feels hot to us. Also when it is raining a lot there are less cars on the road as people just stay home. Missionaries will want to meet someone  for an appointment, and they will cancel because it will have rained earlier in the day.
This good looking bunch of missionaries are waiting for their new companions that they will be training. This transfer we received our first missionaries from the D.R. Congo. Our Ghana Missionary Training Center   is now teaching English to French speaking missionaries. They stay there for 6 weeks to transform them into English speakers, the two missionaries we got were having a hard time understanding anything. They must have gone with zero knowledge of  English because they did not understand a thing we talked to them about. These trainers will be good and patient teachers. 

Sister Hill and I went with some Sisters in the Area office to do some Batik cloth. We all made a table cloth. I am the one with a green shirt and green table cloth. It is all done with multiple dyeing of the cloth and stamping the cloth with foam stencils soaked in wax. It was fun to do, and next time I do it I hope to get the blue cloth that I thought I was making.

We are finding joy in Riding for the Savior
All our male missionaries ride bikes, purchased by the mission.  At times I wished I was riding one because the bikes pass us as we wait in lines of cars attempting to get from one place to the other.  I think Heidi would look great on the handlebars.  She would still have to wear a helmet, mission rules you know.  Speaking of lines the government decided gas prices should go up on July 1st.  As we drove into Osu, a community just about 3 kilometers from our office, today to do our weekly food shopping we ended up in one of the never ending lines about three blocks long on one side of the roadway and 1 block the opposite.  The drivers were all waiting to access fuel, specifically gasoline, at the local Total station.  As a result of anticipated increased prices, there are gas lines.  two cars deep on each side of the road allowing only one lane in the center for cars going the opposite ways to take turns using the middle to go through.  It reminded me of the gas lines we had in the US in about  1972-3. In the station there had to be 100-200 drivers of taxis, trucks, personal cars arguing with the station attendants trying to get them to sell gas. It seems that the stations have decided to not sell their stock until the price goes up next Tuesday.  We tried one station that had only attendants sitting around the pumps and they said they had no diesel fuel.  Seeing no cars there should have been my first clue as we passed other stations, selling fuel, with similar traffic jams.  

Here we are saying good bye to one of our missionary sons, we love these kids.  Truly God has saved some of his best spirits to come to earth and serve in the last days.  Elder Ogembo was a excellent missionary and served as a wonderful Assistance to the President.  We miss him, but he was ready to go home and start the next phase of his life.  He invited us to Kenya to visit but we think it will cost too much.  It is tempting as he told us how much cooler it is in his home country, he wanted to take us on a Safari.  He worked as a guide before his mission.  He was raised in an orphanage and  is one of the sweetest and gentle young men I have known. 

The upper two floors are one of our newest chapels located in Amasaman.  The lower floors are kisokis selling what ever.  The taxi stand is in front.  The main road to Kamassi  is about 30 feet in front of the chapel.  A portable baptismal font is located on the ground (dirt) to the left.  The Church physical facilities have fixed it up very nicely.  Yes, those are bars on the windows and passage ways.  Already there is almost no sitting in the chapel as the members invite their friends and investigators attend.  
Well, this week there is no end of the tender mercies and simple miracles God continues to perform which personally benefit us.  We know he hears prayers and is a loving Father.  His Son is the Messiah that we all wait on his second coming.                

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