Saturday, October 11, 2014

Having Fun in Ghana

Terry with Joseph. Joseph is a guard at the  other Mission, Ghana Accra Mission Home, and he also fumigates our missionary apartments and cleans the inside of our mission poly tanks. He is a hard worker, he has a wife and 3 cute children to support, and the labors here are paid very little.

It is getting so hot here that wearing a hat is not such a bad idea and they have lots of hats to buy off the street.

The missionaries enjoy getting together as a group during zone conference and have fun visiting after. This is the whole Kaneshie Zone. The Sisters always  sit in the front. When we were driving the Sisters home we got a flat tire, luckily some men were fixing some  cars on the
side of the road and they fixed it for us.
On the way home that day a cart overturned in front of us and it had to be cleaned up before we could move, Now you know why it sometimes takes us 1 or 2 hours to get to a chapel that is maybe 5-10 miles in actual distance.
One of the couples that we know had their 45th Anniversary so we went to dinner at the Movenpick and very fancy hotel out of Germany. Terry and I are in the front. I can't up load anymore pictures and I have a bunch so I might have to write another blog.

Just a word about Ebola they are being very careful in Ghana, We had an Elder sick with Malaria ( yes we have about a 1/3 of our elders who do not take Doxy everyday, not because we don't furnish the Doxy and remind them all the time, because we do, just because they are 19,20 and think they are invincible) and we had to take him to the hospital because he could not keep his Medicine down and was becoming dehydrated. When he was in the hospital he had a bloody nose (dehydrated!) and they had to report it and give him a blood test. He was negative and now he is better and back out teaching. I just wanted you to know that they are being very careful here and investigating anything.

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  1. You look like you are doing really well! I'm not suprised, y'all are awesome!