Monday, October 20, 2014

Love going to the Volta River

We are stopping at Blue Sky to have some juice, We just delivered a stove to Adoajyiri, to the Berret's Apartment, the Lathams (pink and red shirt) came down from Asamankese to help some missionaries with a water pump problem. So after we  put in the stove with an oven ( Sister Berret makes awesome banana muffins) we had to go get a nice cold juice before we went back to Accra.
The young woman with the baby was at another table and just wanted to be in the picture. Sister Berret is in yellow and Elder Berret is sitting on the bench next to me, Terry is taking the picture.        

On our Saturday P-Day we went up to Senchi,
on the way we stopped, because there were about 30 Baboons on  the side of the road. This guy is saying where is my banana. We did not have any, on the way back we bought some bananas, and the baboons were not there. We drove up next to the Volta river, it is a very beautiful area. They have
little fishing villages along the river. The river isvery wide and goes from the top of Ghana, down the eastern side into the Atlantic Ocean.
We stopped and delivered some supplies to Elders in the other mission. The Berrett's took w us, they had been working up in Kpong with the other mission, now they are with our mission. They are a Senior Couple that had been evacuated from Liberia several months ago. In Kpong there is a brand new university that some U.S. members of the church have built, it is for public health degrees. Not only will it be great for the students, but will help out the town, because they will hire, cleaners and other workers.
This is a picture of the Ensign University, they are in their 1st semester with 24 students, they are still working on it, they were putting some of the pavement in (yes pavement) and we could not go in.

 The above trees are young mango orchard, below is a banana orchard, they cover the banana bunches with plastic to protect them until they are ready to go to market. The next picture is a garden next to the river.

This is a good area for agriculture because they can get water from the Volta River.

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